SF Glow Pucker Up - POP n Glow Lip Mask

SF Glow Pucker Up - POP n Glow Lip Mask

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Pop art lip mask for rapid plumping action!

Craving for a juicy and kissable looking pout? Our Pucker Up Pop art lip mask is Infused with Vitamin B and Superfruits to bring softer, smoother and hydrated lips back to life! Pop this mask on for lips looking and feeling instantly plump, moisturized and defined after a mere 10 minutes.

Defines - Vitamin B is a must-have vitamin for healthy lips! It helps soften fine lines and treat dryness to improve texture and condition.

Plumps - acai is loaded with antioxidants that plumps and moisture-rich to soothe chapped lips.

Hydrates - Papaya is rich with unique enzymes to gently exfoliate, prevent water loss and repair dry lips

Key Ingredients - Vitamin B, Acai & Papaya Extracts